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Connect Your Style to the Digital World with custom QR code shirts.

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A person stands facing forward in a white t-shirt with the 'SMQ' logo on the chest, set against a coral pink background.
FAQ 1: How Can I Customize My QR Code Shirt?

Answer: At SMQ, you can personalize your QR code T-shirts with custom links and text. Our customizable QR code clothing online platform allows you to choose the design, add personal text, and link your shirt to digital content of your choosing, making each piece uniquely yours.

FAQ 2: What Types of Digital Content Can I Link to My QR Code Apparel?

Answer: The QR codes on our apparel can link to a variety of digital content, including websites, social media profiles, exclusive videos, promotional offers, and more. Additionally, you can use your QR code to support and promote charitable campaigns by linking to donation pages, awareness videos, or event details. Personalize your digital journey by linking to content that reflects your interests or the causes you are passionate about. 

FAQ 3: Are SMQ's QR Code T-shirts Eco-Friendly?

Answer: Yes, sustainability is at the heart of our QR code apparel. Our QR code T-shirts are made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring minimal environmental impact while providing fashionable, tech-integrated clothing options.

FAQ 4: How Does QR Wearable Technology Work?

Answer: QR wearable technology involves embedding a scannable QR code into fabric, which when scanned with a smartphone, directs you to digital content. At SMQ, our QR code fashion is designed not only for aesthetic appeal but also for seamless digital interaction.

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What do people have to say?

I wore my SMQ shirt at our community clean-up, and the QR code linked directly to our eco-charity site. We raised awareness and funds like never before!
- Emily R.
The fabric is top-notch, and the custom QR really pops! Every time someone scans it, they're taken to my portfolio. SMQ shirts are my new networking tool!
– Alex T.
The QR code on my shirt led people to support literacy programs. It’s amazing to wear fashion that fosters education!
– John D.



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